Never Worry About Stress And Anxiety Again By Awakening Your Natural State Of Peace… In Just Seven Days!

Are you constantly feeling negative emotions that make your life a constant, exhausting uphill battle?

Does this sound like you?
  • You feel like it takes so much energy to just exist because the world is a constant struggle, making you exhausted all the time both physically and mentally…
  • You can't pursue the things you want in life, because you’re stuck in a never-ending cycle of overthinking, feeling overwhelmed by the pressure and the stress…
  • You can no longer find meaning and joy in things you used to love because your mind is constantly running a script of anxiety, guilt about the past, and worry about the future…
  • No matter how much time passes, you don't feel like you're healing from your trauma, abuse, and grief — and in fact, you become more and more hurt and isolated
If that’s you, I bet you probably tried it all already.

You read all the books, watched hundreds of videos, and maybe you even tried therapy but it didn’t give you any real, long-lasting relief.

You always end up where you started — constantly unable to unshackle yourself from the chains of anxiety, grief, and inner pain.

If that’s you, let me tell you right now: There is a way out.

And it’s wonderfully simple!

I was the same. But before I tell you about my story, let me reveal to you the reason why all the solutions you tried simply do not work, and why that’s not your fault.
External things, no matter what they are, 
Can never ever heal the pain you have inside.
And that’s what most “solutions” out there suggest you do.

They suggest you work on yourself as if you’re something broken that needs to be fixed. You should fix your personality, or your life choices, and improve yourself. This way you can get a new job, move to a new place, or find the new perfect partner.

Then everything would be alright.

The pain would just disappear.

But if you tried all that, then you know how it really works.

All the pain, fear, and worry you feel make doing all that pretty much impossible. When just existing feels like crawling on hot coals, trying to make big changes will only make you more exhausted and depressed.

You just get more and more desperate.

That’s why most self-help and even traditional therapy often fail to create long-lasting peace. They try to use external change as a band-aid but fail to treat the root cause, and those wounds stay there.

After all…
If external things were the answer, 
There would be no unhappy successful people…
And yet, they are everywhere.

From the successful businessman with the perfect family who feels like his chest is about to explode, struggling with stress and anxiety all day…

To the beautiful Instagram model with the perfect fake life who lives in abject terror of any line, imperfection, or blemish she finds on her skin…

All the way to “perfect” relationships that hide constant conflict and emotional abuse, where partners make each other just more miserable.

None of those things, even if you think you want them (and there is nothing wrong with wanting things in life), would fix the pain you feel.

Because the truth is… you’re not a water heater or a car with a busted radiator.
You’re not “broken”. You don’t need to be “fixed”.

In fact…
What if there was a step-by-step way 
to uncover deep, long-lasting peace?
Here’s the big, wonderful secret I want to share with you today.

The peace you crave so much is actually your natural state, and you just need to uncover it within you.

I know that sounds hard to believe, especially if you’re suffering.

But the truth is, the pain you feel right now is not due to not having something… it’s all about the effects that trauma and conditioning have had on you through the years.

Ever since you were a child, you have been hurt, belittled, and told you were not perfect the way you were. So much that eventually, you started believing it…

No amount of external success can even undo that.

It’s not about what you do.

You can only free yourself from the weight of your anxiety, worries, insecurities, trauma, and grief if you look inward and “peel away” all your fears and mental conditioning.

That’s exactly what you’ll find inside Awakened Peace.

Awakened Peace is the revolutionary step-by-step method to finally discover lifelong inner peace and happiness…

In the Awakened Peace ebook, you will find my four-step method you can use as a guide in your journey towards:
  • Healing from your trauma and crippling wounds.
  • Total, unshakeable peace, awe, and aliveness.
  • A life totally free from fear, overthinking, and anxiety.
If you follow the system, you’ll see results in just SEVEN days.
And the best part is, you can get it today for just $4.95.
I’ll tell you the full story of how I developed Awakened Peace through my own healing journey. But before that, you should know…

More than one thousand people are already using Awakened Peace to heal, with incredible results…

Members of our community are finally finding relief from chronic stress and anxiety, overcoming grief and trauma, winning their battles against alcohol and depression, and much more…
"I've been in the space of spirituality now for over 30 years and Mathhew truly has a gift for spreading healing wisdom"
-Deepak Chopra
Demetrious was drinking hard alcohol
on a nightly basis trying to overcome the death of his mother.
After going extensively through Awakened peace he realized that awakening to peace was the answer to his depression, not alcohol and today he is alcohol free.
"Thank God, Matthew taught me the importance that healing does not happen tying to fix my situation, but rather healing comes from inside. Words cannot explain how much trauma, stress, depression and anxiety he has helped me overcome back showing me my way home. His program are highly recommended"
At the age of 60, Cheryl Finally Broke Free From Her Inner Trauma After Years Of Self-Loathing!
"I want to thank you for sharing this gift of yours, i felt every word and was completely amazed at how you put into into words all i could not. I am 60 years old and in the middle of my awakening
and i wanted to thank you for helping me heal. I view it like this as it is truly the path we are all meant to find in this lifetime and that peace is the ultimate goal. Here's to the beginning of what i know without a doubt is a journey home! Blessing to you and many thanks once again. You have helped me"
-Cheryl Penticoff
Wayne Went From Being A Homeless Alcoholic in Pain... To A Joyful & Productive Member of Society!
"I have quite a troubled past which culminated in six months of being homeless alienated from all i had previously loved alone in the streets and addicted to alcohol. This caused massive trauma. Which i didn't see it for what it was back then fully i often describe it as if i had died on these streets to be immedialtely reborn afterword. After this is very profound shift of consciousness. I wondered around until i came back to society for various reasons but didn't find anyone who liked me there. Even around my family, aia often felt alone. Thankfully, Mathew was one of the first people i found that has changed that feeling of aloneness. Mathew's wisdom and insight helped me understood myself and be at peace which has helped me of my trauma. His eBook is highly recommended"
-Wayne Turton
Will Discovered The Reason For His Overwhelming Stress At Work!
"As a video editor i sometimes spend 8-10 hours straight editing videos for my clients and all of it overwhelms me trying to get multiple project done at once. If i do not take an enough projects then I have extreme financial difficulties. I had been constantly overwhelmed and stressed until Matthew helped me tremendously showing me that it was less about my responsibilities and more about healing my trauma His eBook is highly recommended "
-Will Engle

Here’s how I went from feeling constantly 
exhausted and in pain to feeling totally at peace
with everything after years of struggling.

Members of our community are finally finding relief from chronic stress and anxiety, overcoming grief and trauma, winning their battles against alcohol and depression, and much more…
My name is Matthew Donnelly

And today, my life is pretty good. I wake up every day, meditate, go to the gym, and play basketball… and most of the time, I’m feeling euphoric, full of life, and without any weight on my shoulders dragging me down. I feel like the luckiest person on Earth, but that wasn’t always the case.

Picture me at 25. I was a young man living in my mother’s basement, and I was constantly stressed, trying to live up to impossible standards that weren’t my own.
I constantly felt like I wasn’t enough. How could anyone respect and love me, when I wasn’t anywhere near what I thought I should have been?

I wasn’t successful, I didn’t have a career, I wasn’t rich...

So I struggled with my self-esteem, looking at the mirror and seeing all the things I wasn’t. My anxiety and feelings of worthlessness were eating me alive.

Maybe you can relate?

And while I thought that becoming successful would fix that, no matter how hard I tried, I didn’t get any relief from the pain… in fact, it made it worse. Everything was a constant battle, a tight weight on my chest making it hard to breathe…

So as most of us do, I turned to self-help to find a way to fix it.

But it didn’t work. Because I was using those solutions to help me get to the things I thought would fix me… and in doing so, I was making it all worse.

Eventually, I started questioning everything. Why did I have to do all this work just to feel normal? Why did I have to change everything about myself and my life… just to feel OK with who I was?
Isn’t it crazy, if you think about it?

Eventually, I stumbled on different spiritual niches and I started exploring them because they seemed to be based on entirely different ideas.

I explored Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, and other philosophies…

As I started practicing them, I started to realize how my chronic stress wasn’t due to me not being enough… but because I had bought into the idea that I had to live up to some external standard to fix the internal.

And as you now know, that never works!

I was hooked. For the next few years, I spent every waking moment learning, meditating, and digging deep inside the conditioning I had been subjected to my entire life.

Today I really am the luckiest person in the world, because I enjoy the constant bliss that comes with simply being truly awakened to the awe of being alive…

And I want to share what I learned with you.

I have distilled years of learning and growing into a guided 4-step system you can use to wake up to peace and heal once and for all, fast.

Inside Awakened Peace you won’t find anything about changing your career, finding a partner, or any other external “solution” that doesn’t work.

Instead, you’ll learn exactly what you really need to find lasting peace.
 STEP 1 — Understanding “Psychological Time”
Your mind doesn’t understand time as a clock does, and that’s why you get stuck feeling pain for much longer than you need to. Understanding this deeper will allow you to release all those emotions you carry on your shoulders, and enjoy the present moment again.
 STEP 2 — Explore Your Deeper Identity
Your current sense of self isn’t real — it’s a mix of things that have been projected onto you your whole life. Together, we’ll dig deep beneath all that to find your real, deep identity, so we can free it (and you!) from the thousands of lies that are holding you hostage.
 STEP 3 — See Through The Conditioning
Most of your stress, anxiety, and fears come from conditioning you’ve been subjected to by the external world. This conditioning has installed false beliefs and limiting mindsets that keep you miserable. By learning to see through it, you will start freeing yourself from most fears.
 STEP 4 — Self-Inquiry & Meditation
Knowing is not enough: to undo a lifetime of lies and conditioning you need direct and immediate practice. You will learn all the techniques you need to create your own peace routine — so you can get and stay free, for a lifetime.

Is Awakened Peace for you?
People are using this method to…

  • Deal with chronic stress, incessant worry, constant overthinking, and feeling of fear, overwhelm, and anxiety.
  • Getting free from feelings of shame, worthlessness, and self-judgment.
  • Overcoming the grief that comes from heartbreak or the loss of a loved one.
  • ​Deal with trauma from childhood and PTSD from abuse, toxic relationships, cheating, and bullying.
  • ​Overcoming issues they masked behind drug and alcohol addiction.
  • ​Deal with social anxiety, loneliness, and feelings of disconnect from other people.
  • ​Handle panic attacks and abuse triggers.
  • ​​And much more!

Here are a few of the things you will learn inside Awakened Peace…

  • The very special relationship between trauma, thoughts, identity… and time (turns out, your mind’s conception of time is why you can’t just “get over it”).
  • Why you actually already “healed” from your traumatic experience, and the trauma itself is not really the problem but the stuff you’re holding on to… and what to do about it.
  • Exactly what the root cause of ALL your feelings of insecurity, anxiety, and overwhelm is (understanding this is REQUIRED for you to start feeling more confident and calm!)
  • What death-awareness is, and why you absolutely need it to release yourself from unwanted stress and anxiety. 
  • ​The #1 piece of conditioning that keeps you from grateful consciousness, peace, and joy — this one is so pervasive it’s 100% sure you’re suffering from it and it’s seriously hurting you.
  • ​How your mind is conditioned to , and why that’s keeping you in a constant state of unease, continuously adding to your stress every waking hour.
  • ​An in-depth tour of all the damaging conditioning marketing puts in your mind on a daily basis, and what to do about it (this includes commercials, TV shows, movies, and social media…)
  • ​​What happiness really is — once you understand this, you’ll “crack the code” as to why you can’t ever achieve it by external means… and you’ll know how to do it instead.
  • ​How emptiness and insecurity are actually complete opposites, even if they can feel similar, and why emptiness can actually help you rid yourself of insecure feelings.
  • ​Why any feeling of superiority or inferiority to other people is an illusion and it’s something you need to handle (if you don’t, you are actually feeding your trauma…)
  • ​Exactly why and how people use food, sex, alcohol, drugs, useless spending, and other stimulants to cope with trauma — and how to stop falling for that trap.
  • ​How meditation can actually harm you if it’s not paired with a deep understanding of this specific, massive challenge (but once you understand it, it can bring you somewhere you never thought possible…)
  • ​What your ego really is, and why it’s directly connected to your trauma — and why getting rid of your ego and healing your trauma are directly related.
  • ​Why unhealed and healed trauma both act like a “spell” that dictates your actions (if you don’t understand this, you will subconsciously act in a way that sabotages you).
  • ​How to feel your pain without resistance, so that it’s actually useful to you — and helps you heal from trauma and find your peace.
  • ​What LOVE really is, and why you need to free yourself from “conditional” love to tap into its full power and use it to free yourself from traumatic conditioning.
  • ​Why healing from your trauma is all about knowing everything about the conditioning around it than knowing the trauma itself (and why it’s in fact better if you don’t).
  • ​How to achieve the “peak human experience” and really experience absolute ultimate bliss — until you have directly experienced this, it’s truly unimaginable!
  • ​Understand everything about fear, how it is directly caused by your trauma, and how healing will completely rid you from living in fear.
  • ​Why your trauma is due to being trapped inside a cycle of “never ending complexity” — and how to FREE yourself from it once and for all.


You get Eight Powerful Bonuses that are designed to help you heal from your struggles… 

Bonus #1 Guided Meditation

Total Value: $97.00

Learning to let go of your anxiety and just be is a huge part of the process of awakening your peace. That’s why I built this 60-minute guided meditation audio to accompany you in letting go and discovering the beautiful, awe-inspiring calmness that’s already inside you.

Bonus #2 - Audiobook

Total Value: $47.00

If you prefer to listen to audiobooks rather than read on a screen, I got you covered. You’ll also get access to everything inside Awakening Peace in audiobook format, read and explained directly by me.

Bonus #3 - Guided Meditation For Sleep

Total Value: $97.00

When you live a life plagued by anxiety and stress, you’re in constant fight or flight mode. When you live like that it’s hard to sleep and rest well — which only makes you more stressed. This pack of ten guided meditations is designed to help you get the rejuvenating sleep you need to heal. You’ll get the best sleep you ever had, guaranteed.

Bonus #4 - Awakened Healing Masterclass 

Total Value: $197.00

In this masterclass you’ll get a walkthrough of the Awakened Peace system as video presentations. Use it together with the book or the audiobook to reinforce the powerful ideas you’ll learn, chapter by chapter. Together with the book, this masterclass helps you tie the concepts together and gain a deep understanding of what you need to truly find long-lasting peace.

Bonus #5 - Healing From Narcissism Masterclass

Total Value: $47.00

In this video masterclass by my friend Crystale Boisvert, you’ll get a deep dive into how to heal from the damage that narcissistic relationships can leave on you. If you have trauma that comes from being hurt by a narcissist in the past, this masterclass is something you’ll want to watch several times.

BONUS #6 - Peace Score 

Total Value: $97.00

This peace score is a Google Form where you can put your average level of peace in a number format.

1-100. A #1 being living in absolute hell on a moment to moment basis and a 100 living in absolute heaven on a day-to-day basis.

Let’s face it. Peace is abstract in that there is no clear definition to it. You cannot see, taste, touch, smell nor hear what it actually is.

So how will you know if you’re making any progress in deepening your peace?
By participating in this score it will help to show you your progress as you go through the material of this offer.

Bonus #7 - Cultivating Deep Inner Resilience Video Lesson 

Total Value: $97.00

Once you find your inner peace, it’s important to protect it through the winds and storms that are a part of life. Everyone has their challenges, as they are a natural part of life. With this in-depth video lesson, you’ll get all the tools you need to create an unshakable inner foundation, able to withstand even the hardest challenges you’re going to face in life.

BONUS #8 - Private Awakened Peace Group

Total Value: $1,997.00

You don’t have to go through the journey alone. You’ll get access to my private Facebook group where you’ll find over 14.000 people just like you. You’ll be able to read their stories, ask questions and receive advice from them (and me), and access additional material. This is the support group you need to help you on your journey.

Now a word of warning…
You’ll get the results if you do the work.

Awakened Peace is unlike anything you’ve seen before, and it has already helped countless people find the most graceful peace and healing from their pain and suffering.

And that’s why I am choosing to bring it to you at an incredibly low price — because I want to help as many people as I can to find the same peace I and many others enjoy on a daily basis.
But it takes work on your part.

You have to be willing to let go of the old paradigms and preconceptions you’ve been taught since you were a child…

You have to be willing to accept that many things you thought you wanted and that you thought you should want are actually bad for you…

You have to accept that peace is inside you already — you just need to dig it out and cherish it every day.

Everything is laid out for you. But you still need to do the work.

If you’re willing to do that, Awakened Peace will change your life.

So let’s make a deal right now. Solemnly promise yourself that you will read the book and try things out, exactly as instructed, without letting your pain, shame, and grief get in the way.
If you do that, something incredible is waiting for you.

I am 100% sure of that, and that’s why I’m offering you a 100% guarantee.

If Awakened Peace doesn’t bring you relief from the pain that’s trapping you, 
I’ll give you your money back.

Even if it’s only a few bucks, I want every single person to get the wonderful results the material inside Awakened Peace brought me.

That’s why I’m making this 100% risk-free for you.

If you download the book, read it, and apply what you learn inside… and you’re not blown away and see results within 30 days, you can just shoot me an email and I’ll refund every single cent.

No questions asked.

So don’t let fear stop you from changing your life. You have nothing to lose, and the most important thing in the world to gain: Peace!

What Am I Getting 

 Awakened Peace eBook

Value $97

 Awakened Peace Audiobook

Value $47

 Awakened Healing Masterclass

Value $197

 A Deep Weightless Sleep In Minutes Guided Meditation

Value $97

 Resting From Anxiety Guided Meditation 

Value $97

 Healing From Narcissism Masterclass

Value $27

 Deep Inner Resilience Video Lesson

Value $97

 Awakened Peace Private Facebook Group

Value $997

That is a total value of $1,656
But today, we want you to have all of these!
Not for...
Not even...

You're getting it all for only $4.95

Frequently Asked Questions

 Who is this for?

Anyone who is constantly suffering from chronic stress, anxiety & exhaustion. Someone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired. You can be worn out from low vibration toxic people, from a pile full of bills, a difficult workplace, guilt & abusive past. But down to the core it’s for anyone looking to finally find true rest & rejuvenation.

 What is Awakened Peace?

Most people assume that they know what peace is, meanwhile they are constantly in chronic stress & anxiety. It’s one thing to have an idea of what peace is, and an entirely another to know peace through the cells of your body. Awakened Peace eBook guides you to wake up to that relaxed aliveness as a result of waking up to peace. 

 How is this different from all the other stuff out there?

Most spiritual gurus have not realized Nirvana which is the absolute pinnacle, the peak & the crescendo of feeling 1000% healed & 1000% at peace. Unless you have realized Nirvana is the ultimate human peace you will only be able to beat around the bush towards what you ultimately want. In order to know where you ultimately want to go, you have to know where the ultimate destination is. And if you do not know of that destination, then you won’t know where you are going. Nirvana is coming to know that ultimate destination first hand, and Awakened Peace shows you a path to realizing this, so by doing so you can incorporate this into your day-to-day life.

 Do you offer more in depth help?

Yes, for the people that want further assistance we do offer opportunities to “upgrade” your order after purchasing.

 I want this, what exactly am I getting?

 Is there a guarantee?

Here's the world's best guarantee.

I know that before I get into anything.

I'd like to know what I'm buying and that it's backed by a solid money - back guarantee.

And I want you to be comfortable with this buy.

And even though it's only $4.95

Like my grandpa used to say "Test drive the car before you drive it off the lot" ....

So here's what I've arranged:

Download the eBook, read it out, but more importantly apply what you learn there .

And if you're not blown away by what you learn.

Then just shoot me an email and request a refund within 30 days .

We'll refund you your $4.95 and let you keep the AWAKENED PEACE book free of charge .

How's that for the world's best money back guarantee? I'd say pretty good !
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